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Fireguardia is the future of fireproof

At Fireguardia, we’re engineering innovative
non-toxic fire protection solutions that will disrupt the industrial, commercial, 
and consumer markets.

To address public health and environmental concerns, we have a suite of revolutionary fireproofing alternatives to the fire retardants currently being used in construction, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

Our formula and applications are going to change the way we protect buildings, textiles, and products.

Isn't it time to disrupt the use of 100 year old technology?

Fireguardia's comprehensive fire protection systems bring a new response to fire-resistant materials. Without cancer-causing chemicals our solutions won't damage public health, pollute the environment, or create toxic waste.


Our non-carcinogenic fire retardant relies on an environmentally conscious,

and sustainable process.


Fireguardia is continually advancing its technology.

Stay in touch to learn about the latest innovations.

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The dawn of a new era

We have entered an era in manufacturing, design and building that accounts for our carbon effect. Smart cities have ambitious goals to eliminate pollution, carbon emissions, and the dependence on fossil fuels.


To support this new landscape, Fireguardia is bringing smarter fire suppression that won't harm our health or destroy the environment.

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Tested and Proven

Fireguardia has active and passive fire protection products that will revolutionize the consumer, manufacturing, and textile industries. 


Our materials are based on advanced technology backed by years of research.


Classified UL compliant by the world's leading testing and certification laboratory.

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For today and future generations

We need a better answer to fire retardant materials that do not destroy our health or the environment.

Get in Touch

Currently, the only way to view our product suite is with a private demo. Contact us to arrange one today.

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