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The future of fireproofing is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable

Fireguardia is a cutting-edge innovation engineering and manufacturing company. Our flagship products feature non-carcinogenic, bio-based fire protection technology. We are focused on developing advanced inflammable materials and methodologies to enforce radical efficiency in fire suppression and make sustainable, fire-resistant smart communities a reality.

For the last 30 years, the Fireguardia team has been developing innovative solutions in different fields including alternative fuels, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), medical products, city infrastructure, architectural engineering design, as well as sustainable energy solutions. 


Today, Fireguardia is working towards a future in which residential and commercial fires as well as wildfires will be abated without the poisoning effects of traditional fire retardants.


We are actively contributing to carbon neutrality by decarbonizing the building and manufacturing environment, mitigating our carbon footprint, and promoting a circular economy by giving new life to previously used and demolished materials. 


We built our solutions by closely listening to, analyzing, and responding to changing market needs. We believe the adoption of recycled resources is critical to increasing a carbon-neutral outcome for commercial, residential, suburban, and urban communities.

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The era of ineffective and cancer-causing fire retardants is over. Discover the future of safe , eco-friendly flame retardant technology.

Our patented toxin-free formula and applications create an active and passive 24/7/365 fire protection capability.

The versatility of the Fireguardia formula delivers an expansive range of fire safety applications for households, industry, utility workers, oil rig crews, race car teams, members of the military, and space explorers. As a trailblazer, Fireguardia is pushing the frontier of fire protection technology. 

Protect and preserve without dangerous chemicals

Harmless Materials

We have applications that are harmless to humans, pets, plants, trees, and wildlife. 

Our coatings and materials are 100% non-toxic and safe on skin, fabrics, wood.


Environmentally sustainable, carbon-neutral fire suppression formula and fire protection systems. Mitigates our carbon footprint by giving new life to previously used and demolished materials.


FireGuardia materials do not support nor propagate flames.


Virtually smoke-free, our coatings produce 99% less smoke with the lowest levels of

volatile organic compounds (VOC) or "off gas" toxicity.


Our applications withstand in excess of 6300° F / 3482° C.

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Our product stops a fire in 5 seconds versus a typical water sprinkler system that takes over a minute to extinguish a small home fire.

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Safety Certified

Third party UL classification by the world’s leading testing, inspection,

and certification company.

Styrofoam protected by FireGuardia

Styrofoam Test

A piece of Styrofoam protected with Fireguardia coating withstood a propane torch at 3596° F / 1980° C for 42 minutes

Compared to Melted Steel

A piece of Styrofoam protected with Fireguardia coating withstood a propane torch at 3596° F / 1980° C for 42 minutes

FireGuardia coating withstands blowtorch
FireGuardia protects hand from blowtorch

Withstands the Heat

Withstands 30 minutes under a propane torch at 3434° F / 1890° C. The temperature behind FireGuardia protection never

reaches 212° F / 100° C

Fire Prevention in Seconds

Fireguardia's fire retardant is used in an automatic fire extinguisher system to stop fires within seconds -- for use in residential and  commercial properties.

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