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A resource throughout time

Wood has been a great ally to mankind for centuries -- from building shelter to ships.

Wood has always been an important natural resource. Essential in our everyday lives and the economy, with expansive uses such as:

  • wood-frame houses

  • furniture

  • newspapers

  • books & magazines

  • bridges

  • railroad ties

  • fence posts

  • utility poles

  • fuel

  • textile fabrics

  • organic chemicals


Certainly, we will continue enjoying the great benefits of lumber, and with FireGuardia products, there will be more wood available well into the future.


Modern solutions are at the core of all that we do at FireGuardia. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.

Today's flame retardants are filled with toxic chemicals

Flame retardants produced to date contain many dangerous chemicals. Most public health organizations are aware of the health hazards of flame retardant chemicals.


Harvard University

Harvard became the first university to sign a pledge to purchase chemical flame retardant-free furniture.

WHO white logo.png

World Health Organization

WHO published a report on the toxicity of many known flame retardants.


National Institutes of Health

The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science published an analysis of flame retardant danger levels.

Flame Retardants
Toxins We Eat, Drink, Breathe

Innovative non-toxic fire retardant materials are urgently needed

3,500 lives

In the U.S. alone, fire claims

3,500 lives annually

43 minutes

In the U.S. there is one personal injury due to fire every 43 minutes

30 seconds

It takes only 30 seconds for a fire to engulf an entire room, spreading heat, smoke, and deadly vapors

93 seconds

A home fire is declared every 93 seconds -- most with disastrous consequences

9 mins
20 secs

Estimated U.S. fire department response time is 9 minutes 20 seconds

3 hours
8 mins

One life is lost every 3 hours 8 minutes everyday

White fire sprinkler.jpg

1 min
30 secs

It takes 90 seconds for a sprinkler to extinguish a small home fire, per the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

5 secs vs. 90 secs

Our systems extinguish small home fires in 5 secs compared to 90 secs with current home sprinkler systems


Fire retardant manufacturing is an estimated $10B global market, yet fire casualties and damage continue unabated

$147 billion

U.S. property losses exceed $147 billion annually

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